How can Audiomatic help You?

If you have ever been working with audio files in web applications - we bet you had encountered a bunch of problems for which you could not find an easy solution.

We had the same experience, which is why we decided to create a processing tool that will make our work easier.

We love audio based apps and would like to see more of them. This is why we created Audiomatic.


Easy waveform generation?

If you've ever tried to generate a waveform from an audio file - you must have realised that this is not such a trivial task and that there are no useful tools for this available online.

Not anymore - Audiomatic is here.


Elastic time?! Definitely unwanted

As you know, different decoders give you different results when it comes to calculating audio file duration. Difference of couple milliseconds might not be so important. But what happens when you multiply this difference a few hundreds of times?

With Audiomatic you can precisely count duration of your audio files, as it decodes everything to a raw format, counts the real length and gives you undoubtedly precise results.


Many browsers - many problems...

You might think that .ogg is super cool - but is it supported by every browser? What if your users want to use .flac?

Maintaining support for multiple audio formats in web applications is either a nightmare or demands a large team working on it. With Audiomatic you can seamlessly convert everything to the MP3 format which is acceptable in all web browser.


Messy filenames?

Most of the people don't care about naming their files, right? This attitude can easily create a chaos in an archive but it doesn't have to be like that.

If the filenames are messy, there is a good chance that extracting metadata from them can save you a plenty of time.


Same perceived loudness for all

We know the pain of different loudness in each audio file. You are always looking for your volume knob. However, there is one simple and effective solution - ReplayGain.

It’s the best way of keeping perceived loudness of a different recordings on the same level.


Scheduling file processing requires POSTing two parameters to audiomatic api: - url - location of processed file, - callback_url - location where results of analysis should be returned as JSON. For example, to obtain duration, POST to:
JSON body:

“callback_url”:””, “url”:”“

Use Basic Auth with login and token you obtained during registration. You can use either Authorization Header or URL encoding.


													class YourModel< ApplicationRecord
include AudiomaticRails::Model
audiomatic_file_url :set_url
analyze :tags, [:artist, :title]
analyze :duration, [:duration]

def set_url

audio =
audio.artist # <= Michael Jackson
audio.title  # <= Thriller
audio.duration # <= 312012 [ms]


Full documentation


Strightforward Pricing

Simple pricing options that suit everyone's needs.

Free Edition


  • 1 GB of input data
  • per month



  • 5 GB of input data
  • per month



  • 20 GB of input data
  • per month



  • 80 GB of input data
  • per month



  • 200 GB of input data
  • per month



  • Unlimited
  • per month